M. S. Elizabeth. P. L (Philippine Games)


Players: Eight players

Playing Area: Outdoor/gymnasium

Skills: Handling, leg and arm power

Value: Team-work

A. Preparation

This game is similar to kadang-kadang or coconut stilts race but rather than using coconut stilts, clear can are used. A can easily stilt manufactured in almost not much different from the way as a coconut stilt. A hole is manufactured at the bottom of your empty may with a strong string inserted into the gap, with the ends attached into a huge knot inside empty may. The opposite end is kept loose intended for the player to work with while jogging the stilts. Form two teams. Attract a range on the ground to mark the starting point. Have the two groups line up behind this. Five feet away from the starting line, mark the turnaround level. The 1st player at the head of the series is ready to walk on the can easily stilts with its strings injected between the big toe and second toe of every foot. B. How to Play

At a sign from the teacher, the initial players of every team start off walking from the starting line toward the turnaround point and back again while wearing the can stilts. Upon getting back to the starting line, Player no . you quickly goes by on the stilts to the next gamer. The game takings in this manner till all people of the crew have taken all their turn. The first group whose associates all surface finish their turn is the champion.


Players: Two groups or more

Playing Area: Outdoors/gymnasium

Equipment: Two sacks

Abilities Speed in jumping, calf and arm strength

Value: Teamwork

A. Preparation

Each team will need to have a bag. Draw in the grass the beginning line and the turn around point for each staff, all seite an seite to one another. Allow all associates of each crew line up in single data file before the beginning line. Just about every first gamer of the groups must contain the sack.

W. How to Play

Upon signal from the tutor or innovator, the initially player gets inside the sack. He contains the mouth of the sack tightly and jumps from the starting line towards the turnaround...

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