Butter and Olive Oil

Lab 1- Poultry 1

Methods of cooking: Dry methods

a. profound fat baking

b. shallow/ pan frying

c. sautГ©ing

Baking/ Roasting

Lab 2- Poultry 2


a. Supreme

n. Deboned calf Вј

c. Spatched Cocked Cornish chicken

Methods of cooking food: Dry Strategies

a. sautГ©ing

b. Roasting

c. Barbecuing

Lab 3- Fish and Shell Fish


a. whole seafood

b. fillet fish

c. deboned entire fish

deb. steaks and whole

e. papillote

Research laboratory 4 & 5: Seafood and Shell Fish


a. lobster tail (uncooked)

b. prawn

1 . devein (shell off)

2 . devein (shell on)

3. butterfly

c. squid

d. scallops

e. mussels

Lab 6 & 7: Pork


a. pork loin

a. cutlets

w. spare steak

c. boneless chops

b. Pork shoulder

a. tenderloin

Lab almost eight & on the lookout for: Beef


a. beef tenderloin

n. ground gound beef

c. gound beef stew

Research laboratory 10: Lamb


a. lamb shanks

b. lamb rack

Laboratory 11: Lamb & Goat

Lab 12: Variety Chicken

Lab 13: Fresh Teigwaren

Lab 13: Eggs


a. Ova Benedict


a. sun-drenched side

m. basted

c. over easy, medium & hard


a. frittata

b. omelet with France toast and potato hash

Week beginning January sixteen, 2012

Lab: 1Poultry

SautГ©ed chicken breast with tomato and mushrooms

Servings: 2Method: SautГ©ingFabrication: Airline Breast


Aircarrier chicken breast

Salt and self defense

Vegetable oil because needed

two tbsp butter

1 carefully chopped onion

2 cloves finely cut garlic

almost eight oz sliced up mushrooms

two oz white-colored wine

a single cup tomato concasse

1 cup demi-glace

2 tbsp finely sliced parsley


1 . Time of year chicken breast with salt and pepper.

installment payments on your Pour several tbsp olive oil into sautГ© pan over moderate warmth.

3. SautГ© chicken breast until browned upon both sides and cook through. 4. Remove the chicken items from the pan and keep hope.

5. Drain olive oil from skillet and discard. Add the butter to pan over moderate high temperature. 6. Add the red onion, garlic and mushrooms. SautГ© until sensitive and lightly browned. Add the wine. Reduce by 50 percent. 7. Stir in tomatoes and demi-glace. Return the mixture to a boil. Blend in sliced parsly. Time of year with salt and pepper.

Chicken Ballentine

Portion: 2Method: sautГ©ing and roastingFabrication: Deboning


2 chicken lower leg quarters, deboned

Salt and pepper TT

4 tbsp vegetable oil


2 Cool sausage, chopped fine

a single cup bread crumbs

Celery, chopped fine (sautГ©ed)

Scallion, cut fine (sautГ©ed)

Scotch bonnet pepper, TT

1 clove garlic, minced (sautГ©ed)

2 tbsp chausser, melted

you egg, separated


1 ) Season lower-leg quarters with salt and pepper to taste, make aside. 2 . Combine filling ingredients in a bowl.

3. Stuff lower leg quarters with prepared padding.

4. Spin the calf quarters over stuffing and secure with butcher's twine. 5. Sear ballentine on all sides and handle in a pre-heated oven intended for at 350Вє for approx. 10-12 a few minutes.

Jerked Spatchedcocked Cornish Chicken with Cooked Fruit Jugo

Portion: 2Method: grilling/roastingFabrication: Spatchedcocked


you cornish hen

Salt and pepper, TT

2 tbsp wet jerked seasoning

one particular tbsp essential olive oil


1 . Season chicken with salt, pepper and jerk spices.

2 . Remember to brush with oil and barbeque grill until cooked properly through/roast by 450Вє right up until done.

Cooked Fruit Jugo

Yield: one particular pt Approach: Simmering


4 oz sugar

2 oz honies

2 ounce white wine1 tsp ginger, diced

1 cup Honey dew melon, seeded, rind taken out, fine diced

1 cup Mushrooms, fine diced

1 cup Papaya, fine diced

ВЅ glass Red bells pepper, excellent diced

ВЅ cup Crimson onion, fine diced

ВЅ cup JalapeГ±o peppers, good diced

a couple of tbsp Lime juice (or if you have to lemon juice)

2 tbsp Cilantro, good diced


1 . Combine sugar, honies and white-colored wine within a sauce pan...